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Inflatable Entertainment

for $75.00 add an exciting twist to your event with Tino's Inflatable Entertainement!
(For ages 5 and under)
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The Bounce House

 Endless Fun, Kids Love It! - They can crawl through the tunnel, climb over the wall, jumping on the bouncy house, dodge the obstacle poles, down the slide. Suitable for 4-5 kids play together. It can bear weight of 350 lbs. It is a perfect place for your kids to burn off all that extra energy.

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The Rocking Bouncer

Your kids will experience the joy of weightlessness as they rock, bounce, and defy gravity on this massive inflatable dome. With enough room for 3 astronaut pals, the 8-Foot Inflatable Dome Rocking Bouncer is a great addition to our gaming events! 

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The Seesaw

Ready to get into the swing of rocking and rolling on the iconic rocker? Rock back and forth, sitting or lying down like a sea star. Enormous inflatable seesaw rocker offers multiple indoor and outdoor play possibilities!

Connecting Dots

Inflatable Screen and Projector (Dusk & Night)

Add Tino's large 20-foot inflatable screen and projector to your evening entertainment or event! We have a large selection of kid friendly movies to sit back, relax and enjoy! 

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